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04.09.14Introduction to Norwegian Employment Law for English Speaking Managers

Dato Tor 04.09.2014

Tid Tor 13:00 - 15:00

Sted Næringslivets Hus, Majorstuen

Kontaktperson Kjersti Svee Aas

Kjersti Svee Aas

+47 928 81 462

Photo: Silje Glefjell
Photo: Silje Glefjell

When being a manager in Norway, it is important to be familiar with Norwegian employment law. In this seminar we will focus on the key laws and regulations a manager should know.

Abelia's lawyers will:

  • Give a brief overview over relevant employment laws and regulations
  • Inform about Norwegian working hours regulations. We will look at limits, restrictions, and possibilities
  • Go through the different ways of terminating an employment relationship. What are the grounds for termination and which procedures should be followed?

Abelia's lawyers will also try to answer questions the participants may have related to employment law.



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